Service notice – the legacies of Covid-19

Service notice – the legacies of Covid-19

Dear Partner,

As it is well known, the international raw materials markets are seriously suffering from the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Every day we are observing a series of side effects, such as consistent price increase in supplies and postponement of delivery times; in the worst case we are even unable to get any forecast in terms of products prices, availabilities and delivery times.

We are daily committed in following the supply trends for materials and components, so that our stock warehouse can cope with the huge increase in demand and enable us to meet orders deadlines.

By the way, unfortunately we cannot rule out any possible additional shift in standard delivery times of both current and future orders.

We, for our part, are taking personal care of the issue, doing our best to limit as much as possible any potential inconvenience caused by this situation, which is certainly not attributable to our company.

We shall see to it that postponements in delivery times for every pending order are always and promptly reported to you: we hope this approach of strong cooperation would help us all through these tough times.

Our company is grateful for your precious partnership and understanding.

TTEngineering s.r.l.

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