3D pipe cutting machines

TTEngineering’s 3D pipe cutting machines have been developed to cut pipes with diameters up to 820 mm by means of laser technology; according to the need they can be produced in two versions – either stand-alone or integrated in robotized lines.

Innovation and saving

The latest news at TTE’s is represented by a completely renewed version of the traditional cutting machine, destined to stand-alone application only; fully preserving the same characteristics of precision and productivity, it stands out for its modern design and a remarkable advantage from the economic point of view.

Available in 2 versions:

  • TOP-S: for diameters up to 600 mm.
  • TOP-S XL: for diameters up to 770 mm.


TTE cutting machines operate in complete autonomy taking advantage of the sophisticated functionalities of the TTE-Cutting – a dedicated programming software, developed internally by our Technical Office with the aim of meeting the needs of all our clients. This software has now been updated and includes all types of cuts that TTE has developed working side by side with its clients for over 20 years:

esempi di taglio tubo 3d